Town of West Bath, Maine  

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Warden & Rescue Boat - Fire Dept Open House
Warden & Rescue Boat - Fire Dept Open House
Doug Alexander
Shellfish Warden
443-3114 or 504-1523

The Shellfish Warden is responsible for enforcing provisions of the Marine Resources Conservation Ordinance, and assisting the Marine Resources Board. Board and reports directly to the Town Administrator.


Website Information for closures click here

Red Tide Hotline: 1-800-232-4733

New website click here will have the following information -The Town Ordinance, Permit and Map page will provide a town by town list of conservation closure and transplant permits, as well as associated maps.  The page will be also populated in the future with each town’s approved and certified shellfish ordinance and license allocations.  We hope you find this new page useful and informative, it was developed at the request of the Shellfish Advisory Council in order to promote communication and awareness between municipal shellfish programs and other fisheries.   This page also complies with statute requirements for DMR to make publically available municipal shellfish ordinances and license allocations (Title 12 MRS §6676).  If you have any questions regarding the content of the page, please speak to your Area Biologist or contact Angel Ripley at


Town of West Bath - (207 ) 443-4342 / Fax (207) 443-3256