Town of West Bath, Maine  

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Mooring Fees

Residents - $10 per year (see below for definition of resident)

Non-Residents - $50 for the 1st year and $25 per year thereafter


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Excerpt from the Town of West Bath's

Harbors and Waterways Ordinance


A. The word “resident” shall have its ordinary meaning and shall include persons owning or renting residential property in West Bath who use that property for their year-round or seasonal homes (with a minimum of six weeks continuous annual occupancy).


B.  “Mooring” shall mean any equipment used by a craft for anchoring purposes and which equipment is not carried aboard such craft when under way.


I   Mooring(s) Rights


The intent is to support the ability of landowners and others to possess a mooring(s) for personal use.  Below provides the guidelines to treat all fairly.  Mooring assignment and location are reviewed and approved by the Harbormaster.  Existing Moorings are allowed to stay in their present location unless the location infringes upon others rights to place new moorings or unless they infringe upon navigation, etc. prescribed in Title 38 Chapter 1.


Neglect of moorings and failure to obey orders by the Harbormaster can/will result in loss of the mooring and fines as stated in Title 38, Chapter 1 §4


The Board of Selectman will be the arbitrators of any grievances and unresolved issues with persons who feel they can not with good faith resolve such problems with the Harbormaster.


1.  The town will (through the Harbormaster) assign locations for parties requesting moorings in available areas in the following priority order to the best of the towns ability.  The town will not guarantee any party a mooring or a mooring location.


A.   Shore Front Property Owners: 

    (as measured at the High Water Mark)

1) More than 100’ Shoreline ownership

2) Less than 100’ shoreline ownership


B.     Deeded right of way to water


C.     Town Resident, non Shore Front Owner


D.     Non Resident of West Bath


E.      Waiting Lists will be maintained according to Title 38 MRSA § 7-A and 8.


F.     Mooring transferring is permitted for private and commercial use in accordance with title 38 MRSA §3-A



2)      Moorings


a)    Identification:  The owners last name and an ID number (assigned by the Harbormaster/Town Office) are to be shown on your mooring ball.  All moorings will be clearly marked by owner using 3” lettering.  The lettering, which is not provided by the town, is to be placed on the topside of mooring ball.  Registration will be yearly and the Town will provide a sticker of compliance that is to be placed on the mooring ball.


b)    Setup:  The owner is personally responsible for the adequacy of their mooring to suit the moored watercraft.  General guidelines for moorings can be found in Chapman Piloting Seamanship & Small Boat Handling.  The Harbormaster will review setup to ensure proper scope and may request changes to facilitate a particular area’s need.  The Harbormaster will assign the location for the mooring.


c)    Inspections:  It is recommended that the mooring be inspected each year.  The mooring owners are responsible for maintaining their own moorings.  The town will ask that the mooring owner verify that the mooring has been inspected once every three years.  The owner is legally responsible for his/her mooring. 


3.   Fees    

Fees will be assigned according to the Town of West Bath Mooring Registration Application.  All transactions will be handled at the Town Office.


II.        No person shall anchor or cause to be anchored any craft in West Bath so as to obstruct a channel or mooring from free passage of boats.

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