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Commercial Shellfish Licenses


Since clams are a finite resource and a harvester can be expected to harvest a certain volume of clams per year, the number of licenses issued is closely monitored by the Marine Resources Committee and the State of Maine Department of Marine Resources.   

The requirements for buying a Commercial Shellfish License are:


1.  During the course of the year (March to February) a person must participate in at least 12 hours of conservation work, at least 5 of which must be contributed to re-seeding efforts, surveys, etc. 
2.  There can be no outstanding fines in violation of the Town’s Marine Resource Conservation Ordinance, and no more than 2 convictions for violation during the previous year.


3.   Must have been issued a license the previous year.


4.   Must have applied for a license during the month of February.


If there are still licenses available after all of the harvesters from the previous year have bought theirs, then there is a hierarchy of qualifications (listed in the Marine Resource Conservation Ordinance) to determine who is eligible for the license(s).  In the case of multiple people having the same qualifications there is a lottery to determine the order of sale.


Recreational Shellfish Licenses


All residents (defined as property owners or renters who have been domiciled in West Bath for at least 1 year) are eligible to purchase Recreational Shellfish Licenses.  The cost is $10 for 16 & younger and 62 & older, and $20 for everyone in between.


Non-Residents may apply for Recreational Shellfish Licenses beginning in February (the exact dates will be in a legal notice published in the Times Record).  There is a lottery to determine order of sale and we sell 1 non-resident for every 10 resident Recreational Shellfish Licenses sold.  The cost is $30.


View the complete Marine Resource Conservation Ordinance for more information.

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