Town of West Bath, Maine  

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Hunting - Fishing Licenses

Hunting License - or any combination including Hunting or Archery:
  • If you are buying your first hunting or archery license, you must present your certificate of hunter's safety course completion
  • If you present your previously issued license, the re-issuance process can be done in less time.

Fishing License - nothing extra required.

Note that we are a sales agent only for Inland, Fisheries and Wildlife, and the Town of West provides this service as a courtesy.  We may not be, nor are we required to be, aware of current IFW Laws.  It is YOUR responsibility to know what you are purchasing and the laws of hunting and fishing.  We normally have the latest IFW publications available for you to take with you.

Town of West Bath - (207 ) 443-4342 / Fax (207) 443-3256