Town of West Bath, Maine  

(207) 443-4342 / Fax (207) 443-3256

Recycling Brochure

Location:  West Bath Transfer Station

Arthur Reno Road (off State Road)

Operated by Pine Tree Waste 443-3217

West Bath maintains a Drop-Off Center where residents can recycle many items for FREE. 

Also, household trash can be dropped off for a small fee...see fee schedule below. 

Public Drop-Off hours for both are Saturdays, 8 am to 2 pm, and Tuesdays, 3 pm to 5 pm.

The Town provides FREE curbside RECYCLING pick-up on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month. 

(Get your recycling to the curb by 7:00 AM!!)




  • Newspapers & Magazines & Catalogs
  • Telephone & Soft Cover Books
  • Any Direct Mail/Envelopes
  • All Paper (staples & paper clips okay)
  • Paperboard (cereal boxes, etc)
  • Milk & Juice Cartons
  • Cardboard & Brown Paper Bags
  • Household Plastic Containers # 1 - #5
  • Soda, Juice, Water Bottles (glass or plastic)
  • Milk Jugs, Bleach, Detergent, Shampoo, etc
  • FoodContainers (cottage cheese,margarine, yogurt, etc)
  • Glass Bottles & Jars (any color)
  • Aluminum (pie plates, trays, foil)
  • Metal Cans (tin, steel, aluminum)

All recyclables need to be EMPTY, CLEAN, and NON-HAZARDOUS. 

See link at bottom of the page for a flyer with more detail.


What NOT to include:


No plastic bags, food liners, unmarked plastics (laundry baskets/chairs/toys), window glass/mirrors/light bulbs, dishes, pyrex, ceramics, foam packaging, styrofoam, hazardous materials or universal waste, recyclables containing food waste.


The Transfer Station will accept anything metal (refrigerators must be freon-free and red tagged).  Demolition waste is accepted for a fee based upon what you're bringing and how much.


Household Trash Fee Schedule:

  • $1 per 15 gal. bag (tall kitchen)
  • $2 per 33 gal. bag
  • $3 per larger construction-sized bags


Curbside Pick-up of Household Trash:  NOT provided by the Town, there are two private trash haulers who service West Bath - CR Rogers & Sons (442-7104) (Thursday pick-ups) and Pine Tree Waste (883-9777) (Monday pick-ups).  Contact them directly for services.  Don't put recycling out with your trash!


The Transfer Station CANNOT take brush/wood waste, but call with any questions - 443-3217.


Unit-Waste Pricing at West Bath Transfer Station:

  • Mercury Devices  -  $1.25 each
  • PCB/Non-PCB Ballasts  -  $4.00 each
  • Motor/Tractor Batteries  -  $.35 each (any size)
  • Lamps/Bulbs, any size  -  $.75 each
  • Residential CRT, any size  -  $4.00 each
  • Commercial CRT, any size  -  $10.00
  • Electronics  - $1.00 each
  • (Includes printer, copier, fax machine, scanner, CPU, laptop,

      keyboard, mouse, speakers, other misc. recyclable electronics)


For other recycling and waste disposal opportunities,

residents of West Bath may utilize the Bath landfill. 

Call 443-8356 for more information.


SEE the Maine State Planning Office, Waste Management and Recycling Program's web site at and  their Monthly Newsletter Waste Bytes!



Town of West Bath - (207 ) 443-4342 / Fax (207) 443-3256