Dog Licenses

Licensing Your Dog...be responsible...it's the law!

Why License Your Dog? Rabies is increasing in Maine, licensing helps to insure public safety by requiring proof of a valid rabies vaccination before a license is issued.  Also, you will be directly helping the fight against animal cruelty and abuse.  90% of the dog license fees go directly to the State of Maine Animal Welfare Program to support cruelty investigations. By licensing your dog you are demonstrating responsible pet ownership. 

Click here to view the full Chapter 721 of the State of Maine Animal Welfare Laws and Regulations

A dog may not be kept within the limits of the State, unless the dog has been licensed by its owner or keeper in accordance with the laws of this State.  Each owner or keeper of a dog at the age of 6 months or more, on or before January 1st of each year shall obtain a license.

Proof of rabies immunization is required for licensing, as well as documentation that clearly states your dog is altered and/or sterile to qualify for the lower cost license fee. (State law requires CATS to be vaccinated against rabies also, but not licensed)

Dog Licenses expire each year on December 31st and fees must be paid by January 31st or a late fee of $25 will charged in addition to the license fee.  We normally receive the next year's tags in October and they are available for sale beginning October 15th.

Yearly licenses are available beginning October 15 through January 31 of each year.

You may renew license online. To do this you will need:  

- Credit Card
- Rabies Certificate
- Veterinarian's Information
- License/Tag number (if renewal)
- Spay or Neuter Certificate (if your dog has been altered)


  • $6 for a spayed/neutered dog
  • $11 for an unaltered dog

Beginning February 1st there will be a $25 late fee for each late dog license renewal.  This fee enacted by State law CANNOT be waived. We customarily, as a courtesy, send West Bath registered dog owners a reminder post card each October that their upcoming dog license renewal is due. This is the only notification the town provides. Additionally, it is now law that veterinary clinics send copies of Certificate of Vaccinations to the State of Maine Animal Welfare, who then in turn sends a copy to us. This means that if you have a new dog that you haven't registered yet, we will know. So please register your new dogs (6 months old or older) promptly. Thank you!