Historical Society

West Bath’s Historical Society

A volunteer organization dedicated to improving our town’s sense of community. Our mission:

  • Preserve the history and the traditions of West Bath, Maine
  • Identify, research, and record locations of historical sites, buildings, and artifacts
  • Identify, record, and catalog photos and the written and oral history of West Bath
  • Publish a historical and current events newsletter, The Middle Ground
  • Serve as a resource for the West Bath School and Patten Free Library’s History Room
  • Hold free events with historical content for members and the community

This year's WBHS Scholarship was presented to Sophie Booth

As part of that mission, we have spearheaded the challenging restoration of West Bath’s two important historical buildings: Old West Bath Meeting House located at 680 Berry’s Mill Road, and Littlefield School at 363 Berry’s Mill Road. For both those efforts we enjoyed a great deal of community support, both financially and with volunteer efforts. 

The Old West Bath Meeting House, built in 1839, needed a great deal of help, including shoring up the building, repairing and repainting walls and exterior, refinishing the floors, modernizing the electricity within a historic perspective while preserving old kerosene lamps, and repairing the stained glass windows. Littlefield School, one of Maine’s few remaining one-room school houses, and now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, was in even worse shape. Built in 1853, it is a classic one-story Greek Revival, timber-framed building; by 2007 it was in precarious condition. Its foundation had shifted and was collapsing. At one point, it was slated for a fire department exercise burn. Only community outrage stopped that from happening. This lovely old building is now restored, thanks in part to a generous bequest from the late Bruce Burden, whose mother attended the school, and a federal grant awarded to the West Bath Historical Society. 
Now that the buildings are safely restored, our challenge today is to maintain their integrity and to open them to the public for special events and occasions.

We thank The Town and its citizens for continued support of our efforts. We encourage you to become involved with the West Bath Historical Society by:

  • Joining us as a WBHS Member or volunteer

    (application link below or pick up a form at the Town Offices)

  • Making a donation

  • Researching or writing for The Middle Ground, or with an oral history project (by interviewing, transcribing, or being interviewed), or helping design and present a program
  • Joining building restoration and preservation (cleaning, painting, carpentry, etc.) 
  • Guiding visitors or contributing refreshments at Open Houses
  • Helping with outreach for educational programs


Join the West Bath Historical Society and receive our publication, The Middle Ground

West Bath Historical Society Board of Directors  2022-23
Leah Zartarian, President
Avery Hunt, Vice President, Editor: The Middle Ground
Jim Brophy, Secretary/Membership • Jim Atherton, Treasurer
Mark Lincicome • Kerry Nelson, Archivist
WN “Pete” Guild, Emeritus

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