Town of West Bath Tax Appeal Process

Abatements are reductions in one's property tax bill. They are granted when the Board of Assessors discovers an error in assessment or if the property owner points such an error out. If the property owner believes that the current value placed on their property is inaccurate, unfair, or overvalued relative to other similar properties or the current real estate market, they may take the following steps, in order:
  • Review the property card (available at Town Office or by email request to townclerk@westbathmaine.gov) to assure the accuracy of its data.
  • Check sale prices of similar properties (available online at Maine Revenue Services):
  • Provide evidence to the Board of Assessors that the property is overvalued by making a formal abatement request. Forms are available in the Town Office or online (below).
  • If the abatement request is denied, taxpayers may make a formal appeal of the Board of Assessors’ decision to the Board of Assessment Review
The property owner has 185 days from the commitment date to file an abatement request. Check with the Town Office for the exact commitment date for any given year. 
"In making a formal abatement appeal the assessment is presumed valid and the burden is on the taxpayer to show that it is manifestly wrong in relation to just value" CMP v Town of Moscow, 649 A.2d 320 (ME. 1994).