Sagadahoc County Code Red Test

Sagadahoc County will be conducting a county-wide test of the CodeRED™ public emergency alerting system on October 26th, 2021 at 7:00 PM (EST). The emergency alert will be initiated to validate and clean data files for system efficiency and accuracy. Those with landlines and who have previously registered their mobile phone numbers will receive the test alert. “It is important that we periodically run system integrity tests of the CodeRED™ system to ensure that everyone who works, lives, or visits Sagadahoc County will receive timely and accurate emergency communications” says Sagadahoc County Emergency Management Agency Director Sarah Bennett.

The County first purchased the CodeRED™ subscription in 2016 which is administered jointly by Sagadahoc County’s Emergency Management Agency, Sheriff’s Office, and Communications Center. According to Mike Carter, Sagadahoc County Communications Center Director, “The emergency notification system has proven beneficial and helpful for us to send notifications out to citizens in short or no-notice emergency incidents occurring within or surrounding Sagadahoc County”. Director Carter warns that “some neighboring municipalities may receive the test due to being in close proximity to Sagadahoc County so it is important to us to get the word out beforehand”.

The system has been used to help residents assist officials in locating missing persons, notify area residents of road closures preventing passage over roadways due to flooding and other similar events. “It is a useful tool that the County maintains to ensure we have a way to communicate urgent information to the public” says Sagadahoc County Sheriff, Joel Merry. “Ensuring the safety of the public is a priority and we want to be sure that we can relay critical, sometimes life-saving, information to the public as fast as possible because we know that during emergencies, every minute counts”.

Residents of Sagadahoc County who have not yet enrolled in the CodeRED™ service, but would like to take part in the system-wide test, can register their landline and mobile phone numbers on the Sagadahoc County Website by visiting www.sagadahoccountyme.gov. Be sure to enable emergency test alerts on your mobile phone prior to the test being conducted.

For more information or for assistance registering for CodeRED™ contact Sarah Bennett, Director of Sagadahoc County Emergency Management Agency by emailing sbennett@sagadahoccountyme.gov or call 207-449-2086.