Information on Reserving Your Vanity Plate for 2025

Beginning May 1, 2025, the BMV and Agents will no longer issue plates with the chickadee design. Anyone who currently has plates with the chickadee design will be required to obtain new plates when they renew their registration or obtain a new registration on or after May 1, 2025.  For new registrations and renewals, registrants can choose:
  • a Pine Tree Plate for no additional costs or;
  • a “no tree plate”  for no additional costs or;
  • one of the current specialty plates (normal fees apply).
Plate Reservations:
Beginning June 3, 2024, registrants who would like to keep their current chickadee plate numbers may reserve their plate number for a $25 one-time fee. This includes people with vanity, low digit, and National Guard plates. BMV will be mailing postcards to registrants with active low digit, vanity, and National Guard plates in June, with information on how to reserve their plates. Registrants also may reserve if they simply like their current plate number.
- Vanity plates currently featuring a chickadee are eligible for plate reservations.
  (Non-chickadee plates such as the sportsman, conservation, or lobster plates will not have the option to reserve.
There are four ways registrants may reserve their plate(s).
1. Online through the stand-alone reservation portal,(maine.gov/online/reservemyplate).
2. Through a reservation process as part of the Rapid Renewal website.
3. At a branch location.
4. By mailing the Application to Reserve a Plate Number (MV-62) to the Administrative Office.
Registrants may email any reserve plate questions to platereserve.bmv@maine.gov.
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