Planning Board

The Planning Board is a dedicated group of volunteers. The Board meets the second Tuesday of each month at 6pm at the Town Hall to conduct regular business. Meeting Agendas are posted in the Times Record, on the website, and at the Town Hall. The Planning Board meets at other times as necessary and conducts ordinance review workshops throughout the year. The Board is responsible for reviewing and approving commercial development, subdivisions, home occupations, and projects in the Shoreland Zone along with reviewing and suggesting amendments to the Development Review Ordinance & Land Use Ordinance. For meeting times, contact the West Bath Town Office at 443-4342, or check scheduled meetings.
The Planning Board works closely with Code Enforcement Officer Jonathan Beane, who holds regular office hours Monday through Friday 8:30am to 4pm. If you have questions or need assistance with presenting a project for review by the Planning Board please contact CEO Beane at (207) 443-4342.
To be on the Planning Board agenda please follow the following procedures:
  • All parties wishing to appear before the Planning Board must meet with the Code Enforcement Officer  before submitting their application.
  • The application, drawings, and all supporting materials, along with the nonrefundable application fee must be provided by the applicant to the Code Enforcement Officer no less than twenty-two (22) days prior to a scheduled Planning Board meeting.
  • Building plans and site plans must be provided on 24x36 size paper and at a scale that the required information is clear and legible. Three (3) of the seven (7) sets may be provided on 11x17 paper.

Board Members
Gabriel Whitney, Chair
Jim Williams, Vice Chair
Gerry Mitchell Jr
Jeremie Whorff - Alternate
VACANCY - Alternate

Land Use Ordinance
West Bath is currently working to revise the Land Use Ordinance.