West Bath School

126 New Meadows Rd, West Bath ME 04530
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Emily Thompson

The first known school was a room in a private home in 1757. The first school building was erected in the early 1800's. Well into the mid 1900's, West Bath was served by two one-room school houses serving five school districts: Mill Cove (Littlefield School); White's (Lowell School); Foster's Point; Birch Point (Campbell's Pond); and Winnegance (which later seceded to Bath).  Littlefield School is the only remaining one-room school house in West Bath.

In 1879, the summer school term was terminated to allow for haying. In 189 the Town Report stated: "There is one thing sure, the most essential thing in the affairs of a community is the schools as the future prosperity and respectability of our citizens depend entirely on the amount of sound practical education they get when young. Money cannot be better invested than in spending it for the intellectual advancement of our youthful ones."

In 1918, West Bath was placed in the Union #47 School District.

The current West Bath School was officially opened in 1959 for grades 1 through 8. There were about 140 students, a principal who also taught 8th grade, and five other teachers. 

In 2014 West Bath officially withdrew from RSU1 creating the West Bath School Administrative Unit. Today, West Bath School offers classes for Kindergarten through 5th Grade, with School Choice options for Grades 6-12. 

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